Request for Discontinuation of Interpersonal Keiko ( Taijin-teki-Keiko ) – For the Prevention of Outbreaks of COVID-19

一般財団法人 全日本剣道連盟 All Japan Kendo Federation



Cancellation of Activities in June and July

The All Japan Kendo Federation has decided to cancel all its activities from June onwards, following the total cancellation of activities in April and May, in order to mitigate further infections of COVID-19 in Japan. This is in line with the Japanese government’s request to exercise self-imposed control. The activities affected are detailed below.

The All Japan Kendo Federation kindly requests your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

【Cancelled Competitions, Examinations, and Seminars】




  • Iaido Regional Seminar (Saitama)
  • 20th Women’s Referee Seminar
  • 58th Mid-Level Kenshi Seminar
  • 42nd Lecturer’s Seminar (Match/Referee)
  • 3rd 18WKC Women’s Training Camp
  • 30th Kendo 8-dan Seminar
  • 127th Community Physical Education Instructors Development Course (Beginner Level)
    (However, the Beginner Level renewal will be a written exam)
  • 3rd 18WKC Men’s Training Camp
  • Iaido Regional Seminar (Okinawa)

Please note that if the conditions change, some events may be able to be held from the summer. In that case, a separate announcement will be made.

Cancellation of Activities in June and July